This App is aware of some personal or sensitive information.

The App uses and stores your current location in your device, only with the purpose of giving to you a service.
The App may send your exact location in anonymous way (without any other information that identifies you) to third party servers only with the intent to find the pressure or the elevation of your current location.

This App uses Google Firebase Analytics to collect information on crashes of the App and usage statistics.
Firebase Analytics collects and sends to Google servers information that may contain: the Advertising ID and other personal information like gender, age, location, IP address and other attributes.

The free version of this App also relies on partners to show advertising. These partners collect Advertising ID and other user information to show personalized advertising. Browse each partner privacy policy to get details of information collected.
Partners are:
Google Admob, link to privacy policy

The Advertising ID is a unique identifier of your device, used mainly for advertising profiling.
You can customize your advertising Google profile you at

More details on Google Privacy Policy can be found at

The App may log some of the personal information described above. Sending Logs to the support email, you authorize the support team to collect and use that information for App usage analysis and troubleshooting.
For any information about where and how data is stored or to require data deletion mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This App does not directly collect or share any other personal or sensitive information of the user other than the ones just explained

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